Sanibel Real estate: Budget Decor for dummies

I get the question a lot after the Sanibel real estate sale: How am I going to decorate this thing?? Well, I am not a decorator but do all of my own decorating and if I do say so myself, my home looks pretty good and is very comfortable. Those were my goals so I would call it a success!

Where do you get tools for this type of thing? You can always take the easy, expensive way and hire a decorator to do the  whip-cracking, bargain hunting, painstaking details end  but you can also go the DIY route.

When I have a room or home to redecorate, I usually start with an inspiration of some type.  A piece of art that I have purchased, a trip where the color of the sea or sky wouldn’t leave my brain, a visit to a home that spoke to me ( I see a lot of homes, so it’s a little easier to find inspiration in my line of work).

Next, start the search of professional work. There are lots of resources:Decor mags, HGTV ( my natural habitat),  and loads of websites. My favorite is and it has gotten my through several redecorated rooms. I usually just scan through the photos until some hit me. And do it again. And again. The ones that make it through the daily scanning and stick with me are the ones that get the cut. While scanning the professional work, I always keep in mind the size of my space and that inspirational piece as a means to focus.

Once I have a plan in mind, the real work starts. Visits to Homegoods, TJMAXX, Target, Penney’s, Pier One, World Bazaar, Hobby Lobby…….you get the idea: we are looking for cool stuff that’s cheap. Consignment shops in Southwest Florida are awesome- so they get a look too. Oh and for art- you can design your own at

The internet comes in quite handy too. There are a couple of decorating websites that feature daily sales: Joss and Main, One King’s Lane Sign up with one of these and you will get daily sales to your inbox. The prices and finds are excellent.

It can be a work in progress- Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just get started and see how  much fun it can be to create a comfortable, beautiful space that you will be proud to call home.

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