Sanibel real estate blog: Why renourish the beaches?

As the Captiva beach renourishment project wraps up (leaving 750,000 cubic yards of sand) and the Sanibel’s Blind Pass project begins this week.

Why renourish the beaches of Southwest Florida? First, the beaches protect buildings and roads from storm surge from hurricanes and tropical storms and wave action from cold fronts. Second, the beaches provide nesting, resting and foraging habitat for shore birds and nesting habitat for sea turtles. Lastly, the beaches make money! Florida beaches contributed $39.2 billion to the state’s economy according to 2005 Florida Atlantic University study.

Go check out the new, wide beach at Captiva and soon to be at Sanibel’s Blind Pass area. If thoughts of owning or renting Sanibel real estate come to mind, check out our website at for listings or give Chuck a call at 239-849-3396.

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