Amendment 2, the proposed amendment this November  would extend a current 10 percent cap on annual increases in assessed values of non-homestead properties – a cap that voters approved in 2008.

Florida Realtors and  supports Amendment 2!

Visit the “Amendment 2 – Good for All Floridians” website for more information on the campaign or to get involved.

“If Amendment 2 fails to pass, it doesn’t mean that the cap is just no longer going to be in effect going forward,”  Kurt Wenner, TAXWATCH v.p.  said during a media event at the Florida Press Center. “It means that all of this property will suddenly be assessed at full value. This can be quite a big sticker shock when some people get their tax bills.”

Wenner said he expects that these potential tax increases would be passed along to renters and business customers, making the issue important whether someone owns property or not.

So let’s help our second home friends and neighbors owning Sanibel real estate this fall when it’s time to vote on Amendment 2.


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