Sanibel Real Estate Blog: Speed Sale Your Home

The Florida Realtor Association has come up with a ” 48 Ways to Speed a House Sale” and of course, the first one is have Realtor evaluate your home to see what needs to be updated, repaired or removed.
I am going to make this as concise as possible- but if you are selling your Sanibel real estate, we would be happy to come by and go through all 48 ways with you!

2-8 REPAIR: yep, all those sticky windows, leaky faucets, cracked tiles, damaged walls.

9-12 UPDATE: those yellow blinds are working anymore, look at faucets, showerheads, drawer pulls.

13-16. PAINT!

17-20. BRIGHTEN: Wash the windows, take down heavy window treatments…

21-22. DEPERSONALIZE: family photos & knickknacks out!

23-26. DECLUTTER: books, kitchen counters, look at your coffee table now- last year’s Christmas cards- out!

27-30 ORGANIZE: pantry,closets, garage


37-39 HIDE PET SIGNS: smells, food and FIDO too

43-46 PRUNE AND LANDSCAPE: dead plants, weeds, overgrown shrubs, go check it out.

47-48: STAGE OUTSIDE: Entry way should be clean and inviting.

Now you can sell your Sanibel Real estate, give Chuck Andrews a call for all of the up to date comparative sales.

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