Sanibel Real Estate Blog: Sanibel beaches rank #6 in U.S. beach destination

Trip Advisor, one of my go-to’s for travel info, recently ranked Sanibel beaches # 6 in destinations for beach and sun. A Trip Advisor spokeswoman, as rep0rted in the Fort Myers News Press, said, “Sanibel is a true favorite with many Trip-Advisor travelers seeking a relaxing vacation spot in which to unwind.” Praise was given for the islands’s beautiful beaches, wildlife and good weather. The travelers went on to say they would return. These awards are based on real reviews from travelers who use the site. My review after living & working on the island for 35 years, and also visiting beaches around the world ( most recently, Santorini- read my review on that at Sanibel beaches are among the most relaxing, most pristine, and certainly  the most shell-populated in the world. Perfect day on Sanibel: a coffee and a sweet at Bailey’s coffee bar, pick-up a few gossip mags at Bailey’s, park at one of the many public spots– I like Tarpon Bay Road, collect a few shells, walk a few miles, swim, sit  and then back in the car to one of our lunch spots, Lazy Flamingo gets the nod most trips for their wonderfully fresh grouper, back  to the beach for more quiet time, drive out to Mucky Duck for cocktails and sunset. Now you can add biking, kayaking, golfor tennis to your day- but sitting suits me while on Sanibel.

Also, an oil spill update: THERE IS NO OIL ON OUR BEACHES! The beaches are clean, open and ready for holiday weekend visitors. May have to wrap this up soon– the lovely beach at Tarpon Bay is calling!

Don’t worry, if you need any info on Sanibel real estate sales, I will have my cell phone along……..

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