Sanibel real estate blog: No tax increase

Good news for Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel residents: no tax increases- at least on their city bills. The town council of each town voted last week to use the rollback tax rates for 2014-2015.

Sanibel Mayor, Kevin Ruane said,”It’s still a touch economy out here and we were ahead of the curve.” He continued, ” WE gave taxpayers a tax break.”

Property taxes are up across Lee County, and Sanibel’s property values increased 4.6%, while Fort Myers Beach property values increased to 6%. Sanibel council voted for the rate of $1.9995 for every $1000 of taxable value.  The owner of the $500,000 home would then pay about $1000 in taxes. Keep in mind that is city tax only, Lee County will still be taking its  portion.

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