Sanibel real estate blog: LEE COUNTY STATS

Last week we blogged about the statewide stats for June. How does Lee County compare?

Well, the median price of an existing home in Lee is now up to $200,000-that’s an 8.1% increase since June when it was $185,000. Statewide the median number was $185,000 and it was up 5.2% from the previous year. We love the fact the Lee hit $200,000 for a median number – real estate is getting back to where it should be.

The median price on a condo was $171,000 up 5.6% from last June’s $162,000. Statewide the median number is $141,000- so we are above average in the condo arena too.

Our friends just south of here, Collier County, have a median price point in June for a single-family home at $392,000! And that is also up from the previous year’s number of $322,000.

It all seems like good news to us. If  these numbers have you curious about the Sanibel real estate market, give Chuck Andrews a call to discuss at 239-849-3396 or check out our website at 073860_REMAX_Number_One_3D_Chrome_RGB

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