Sanibel real estate blog: Florida’s housing market continues upward trend

Florida’s housing market continues on a upward trend as the June numbers just released indicate.

The state median price for a single family home is up 15.1% (from last June) at $175,000. How does Lee County compare? Our current median price is $185,000- that’s up 32% from last year! Single-family home sales are down slightly, 5.5%, at 1093 in June 2013. In the  U.S, the numbers slipped a bit, a mere 1.2% but still remain at a 3+year high. An interesting comparision is the median price in other locations: California:$428,500, Massachusetts: $350,050, Maryland : $284,481. Florida property continues to be a good value, and you get a good dose of sunshine along with your purchase!

Condo sales statewide are down slightly, 2.5%, at 9136 this June, but the median price is up 18.2% at $130,000.

The mortgage rates are up slightly- 4.06 this June compared to 3.68 last June.  It looks like it is time to buy your Florida property.

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