Sanibel Real Estate Blog: DON’T do These Things When Selling Your Home

A list was recently put together put HouseCall and we agree with their findings so we are passing this along.

  1. Don’t over-improve. Fix stuff, yes… add that brand new state of art built-in of some sort, no. Decorating tastes differ so much, that your fancy built-in may someone else’s nightmare.
  2. Don’t over decorate. Pretty neutral decor yes, lots of stuff everywhere no. The simplier the better.
  3. Don’t stay for showings. Please leave…. take the kids, the dogs, the cats and the mother- in-law out for a walk in the park. It is really difficult for buyers to imagine themselves in a space that is so obviously occupied by others. Plus they do feel hindered in really having a good look as they feel they are intruding on your daily life.
  4. Don’t take things personally. And by that we mean not only what we as realtors tell you needs updating, decluttered, neutralized…. it is about the sell, not your personal style.

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