Sanibel real estate blog: 2014 “year of the big move”

The president of and CEO of one of our associate real estate companies says “2014 is the year of the big move”.

The factors that could spark a move:
1.Rising mortgage rates: They are expected to move up this year and many may react  before they do.

2. Dropping affordability: Incomes are not keeping pace with the rise in home   prices. Couple that with higher mortgage rates and affordability will become a future factor.

3. Returning equity: Finally! Rising home prices are bringing back some equity to homeowners and with that the ability to make a move. Now people can look at relocation for jobs, weather, being closer (or farther!) to family.

4. Rebuilding personal wealth: The folks that took a hit on personal wealth during the recession are now rebuilding that wealth and with that the ability to relocate- perhaps to an area with a lower cost of living.

IF the 2014 is the year of the big move  and you want to relocate for weather, Sanibel real estate is what you could be after. Please check out our listings at or give Chuck or Kimberley, RE/MAX of the Islands, a call to learn more about Southwest Florida real estate.


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