Sanibel Real Estate Blog: Buyer’s Market?

March 1st, 2017

The January stats give us a few bright spots: more closed sales than last year and the median price is up to $ 245,000 from $227,000.

Some of the numbers do indicate we are heading toward a buyer’s market: more inventory (active listings) and and fewer pending listings than this time last year.

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Sanibel Real Estate Blog: Don’t Forget Your Tax Deductions

February 22nd, 2017

OK, all of you that have purchased Sanibel real estate: Here are four Florida  deductions that you may be able to claim on your taxes this year:

1.Mortgage interest
The interest paid on a home loan is typically the largest potential deduction for middle-class. Also this for a second home: you can also deduct the mortgage interest on that, as long as it isn’t a rental property.

2. Points
If you recently purchased a home but paid “points” to the bank in order to get a better rate, that expense is tax deductible in the year you paid them.

3. Energy credits
If you did something that was energy efficient to your home, you may be able to claim that credit.

4. Casualty losses
If you suffered property damage and weren’t reimbursed by an insurance company for repairs, you may be eligible for a big deduction.
Check with your tax accountant for deductions!

Sanibel Real Estate Blog: Year End Results Report

February 10th, 2017

The local board of realtors just released the 2016 report. Median Sales Price and inventory stats were both up, while the number of closed sales and cash sales dropped.

The median sales price in 2016 ended at $227,000- up 8,3% from last year’s $210,000.

Closed sales are down 6% and condo sales are down 10%.

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Sanibel Real Estate Blog: DECEMBER Stats

January 24th, 2017

The Florida Gulf Coast Realtors just released the county wide stats for December and there appears to be a drop in sales. Closed sales were down for both Single family homes (5.5%) and condos (10.3%).

Good news though- median sales price continues to climb year over year. December 2016 saw a median sales price of $249,900 for a single family home while in 2015 it was $230,000. Condo sales prices were up about 2.5%

A significant increase in active listing this December with 5463 home listings (that’s up 11.4%) and 2371 condo listings (that’s up 37.5%).

The good news would be for buyers! More inventory generally translates into  more negotiating on the price. So if you are looking for Sanibel real estate and ready to negotiate- give us a call at 239-849-3396 or check out our listing at

Sanibel Real Estate Blog: Rates Decline

January 20th, 2017

The most recently published mortgage rates indicate another decline.Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday the rate on 30-year fixed-rate loans fell to an average 4.09 percent from 4.12 percent last week. That was still sharply higher than a 30-year rate that averaged 3.65 percent for all of 2016, the lowest level recorded from records going back to 1971. A year ago, the benchmark rate stood at 3.81 percent.

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Sanibel Real Estate Blog: FARMER’S MARKETS

January 11th, 2017

IF you are looking for a fun activity while visiting Southwest Florida, check out some of the area farmers’ markets. There are lots of them. You can check out a rather large one at Lakes Park every Wednesday, you will not only find area fruits and vegetables but local seafood and even wild hog! Tuesday and Friday you could check out the parking lot in front of Lee Memorial Convenient Care on Summerlin Road- it’s not as large but still carries a variety of area produce. The Sanibel Farmers Market held at City Hall is huge! You can find everything you are looking for there.

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Sanibel Real Estate Blog: November Stats- Still Looking Good!

December 27th, 2016

The Lee County real estate market  continues to prosper with single family home sales up 16% in November 2016, over November 2015. Condo sales are up 11 % for the same time period,

Active listings are up in all  categories, which may put the crunch on prices. Currently, the median single family home price is up 3.6% from last year at

$ 233,500 . Condo prices remain about the same at $240,000 for a median- up .1%.

Sanibel Captiva had the biggest jump with 17 single family homes sold in November 2016 compared to 8 home sales in 2015.

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Sanibel Real Estate Blog: Florida is Still Growing

December 21st, 2016

According to a recent AP news release: Florida officials estimate that by 2030, the number of people 65 and over will have increased about 80 percent from 2010 census figures, reaching about 6 million. That’s a lot of peeps!

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Have a happy and safe holiday and an excellent 2107!.

Sanibel Real Estate Blog: Avoid Wire Fraud

December 14th, 2016
Lots more fraud going on these days and the National Association of Realtors has provided a few tips to avoid these:

1.Set up formal policies.If you’re a broker, implement formal policies and procedures within your office to inform your real estate professionals of warning signs. Give them ways to ensure that office transactions are secure. The National Association of Realtors suggests that brokers implement a comprehensive Data Security Program and Document Retention Policy. (For more on this, visit

2.Secure email accounts.Make sure that any email account used in the transaction is secure. Insecure emails accounts are prime targets of hackers, so always use encrypted emails when sending sensitive information.

3.Don’t click. If you receive an email regarding a transaction that contains any suspect information, do not click on any links in the email and do not reply.

4.Don’t use free emails or Wi-Fi. For business accounts, do not use any free email accounts, such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, to name a few, and never use free Wi-Fi to conduct business. It is also important to always use strong passwords and change them often.

5.Pick up the phone.Although online communications may make transactions more streamlined, when conducting wire transfers, the sender should always phone the fund recipient to verify wiring instructions before sending funds.

In the event of a data breach where money has been wired, immediately try to reach the bank to stop the funds from being transferred. Contact all interested parties to let them know of the potential breach, report the breach to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center ( and your local association.

Have no fear- we at RE/MAX of the Islands are aware of the scam and will make sure your wire instructions etc are sent only through the secure mail provided by them. We will not send you wiring info on our private email accounts.

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Sanibel Real Estate Blog: Kitchens Sell IT!

December 7th, 2016


According to, of all homes sold 69 percent of the listing descriptions highlight the kitchen as a selling point. Forty-nine percent mentioned the bedrooms and 35 percent highlighted the garage, the next two most popular.

Kitchens sell it and surveyed which added most value and came up with:

  • Custom cabinetry: 41% (the price premium: the difference between homes with the feature and homes without in the same ZIP code)
  • Kitchen island: 30%
  • Creative lighting: 21%
  • Granite counters: 18%
  • Large pantry: 14%
  • Stainless-steel appliances: 12%
  • Tile backsplash: 7%
  • Breakfast bar: 6%

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