Chinese Drywall Is No Danger to Health, Experts Say

The conclusion that Chinese drywall does not harm health was presented last week in a symposium in Tampa, Florida. They also discovered the culprit ingredient behind the  corrosive effects of the drywall is elemental sulfur. Several expert toxicologists weighed in, stating that there is no accumulation/buildup over time in your body form the off-gassing of the drywall. The body will break  down and eliminate the toxic compounds. Hopefully, these answers will hold up as testing continues. To read more on the subject, visit

As far the corrosion of metals in the home as well as air/conditioning coils, there is  a definite correlation and that is a problem that will continue to plague area real estate. The problem does not seem to have reared its ugly head in Sanibel real estate , however we have come upon it in Fort Myers real estate. The remedy at this point in time is to remove all of the drywall, down to the studs and start over. Some specialists are working on a program that would eliminate the toxics by way of fumigation, but those programs are still being developed.

The best thing to do at this point, if buying a home built between 2004-2009, is to have a certified home inspector do a Chinese drywall test.

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