March 25th, 2019

Fort Myers has landed on a list of the best places to live near the beach in the country, according to a report by U.S. News & World Report, eclipsed by only two other Florida locations and spots in Hawaii, California and South Carolina. We knew that!

FT. Myers was number 6 on the list  but number one in our hearts!  Time to check out living in our lovely coastal area- call us for info on Sanibel real estate or Ft. Myers area real estate anytime. Or check out some of the area listings on our website at

December Stats: Shopping for Homes Down

January 24th, 2019

Looking at the December real estate stats for Lee County and shopping for homes was a down a bit.

There were 900 single family closed sales and that’s down from 1059 last December. BUT the median sales price is up to $246,803 and it was $238,350 last December. Condo sales were down too: 407 this December compared to 533 last December. Again, a rise in median sales price to $205,000 and that’s up from $190,000 last year.

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Sanibel Real Estate Blog: November Rocked!

December 26th, 2018

They are saying there is a slowdown in real estate but the November stats in Southwest Florida prove otherwise. Sales year over year in Lee County were up in both condo and home sales.

Single family home sales were up 12.2% percent from last year and condo sales were up by 7.6%. The median sales price is now up to $250,000. And that’s up from $245,000 in November 2017.

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Sanibel Real Estate: October Stats

November 27th, 2018

The Lee County numbers are tallied for October and it’s mostly good news.

Single family home sales are up14.6% with 982 homes sold in October 2018 compared to 857 in October 2017. Condos didn’t fare as well with 436 closed sales compared to 445 last October. New pending sales are about the same for both, which means we should have a November on par with last year.

The median sales price for a single family home is slightly up (2.9%) at 246,995. Condo median sales price is up 6.5% at $189,500.

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November 16th, 2018

Some good info from my buddy at Van Dyk Mortgage: Tim Hart says:

Interest rates can be volatile. That can mean either risk or, sometimes, reward.

How much?

Not ready to take action today? Think rates will come down soon?

Remember these truths:

  • Today’s prices and rates are known. Tomorrow’s are not.
  • If rates fall yet prices continue to rise, a payment tomorrow could still be higher than what it is today.
  • If both rates and prices rise, a payment tomorrow could be even higher and harder to qualify for.
  • Rising prices can also mean larger required down payments. It can be difficult to save money faster than prices rise.

Are you ready to end the wait? Please reach out. I’ll be happy to help. ( can help!)

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Sanibel Real Estate Blog: DON’T do These Things When Selling Your Home

October 30th, 2018

A list was recently put together put HouseCall and we agree with their findings so we are passing this along.

  1. Don’t over-improve. Fix stuff, yes… add that brand new state of art built-in of some sort, no. Decorating tastes differ so much, that your fancy built-in may someone else’s nightmare.
  2. Don’t over decorate. Pretty neutral decor yes, lots of stuff everywhere no. The simplier the better.
  3. Don’t stay for showings. Please leave…. take the kids, the dogs, the cats and the mother- in-law out for a walk in the park. It is really difficult for buyers to imagine themselves in a space that is so obviously occupied by others. Plus they do feel hindered in really having a good look as they feel they are intruding on your daily life.
  4. Don’t take things personally. And by that we mean not only what we as realtors tell you needs updating, decluttered, neutralized…. it is about the sell, not your personal style.

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Sanibel Real Estate Blog: Positive Track in September

October 24th, 2018

Single family sales and condo sales were up in September 2018 compared to September 2017. Single family sales were up 31.9% at 922 closed sales compared to 699 last year. There were 445 condo sales and that is up 24% as 359 were sold last year in September. Of course, we all know last September was when Irma arrived, but we do seem to have recovered quite nicely from that.

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Sanibel Real Estate Blog: “DING” Darling Days Coming Soon!

October 5th, 2018

Ding” Darling Days’ Family Fun Day on Sunday, October 14, culminates a weekend of eco-activities with all-free refuge tram tours, live wildlife presentations, hot dogs, kids crafts, and other family activities. Birding, boating, tram, paddleboarding, and kayaking activities fill the weekend. The 30th annual celebration  begins on Friday, October 12, with Get Outside Day and continues on Saturday, October 20, with Conservation Art Day. Federal Duck Stamp Winners, other artists, cartooning, and a Refuge photography tram tour will highlight a day devoted to Jay Norwood Darling’s legacy as the first duck stamp artist and Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist.

So come on out to Sanibel Island and enjoy the weekend! If thoughts of Sanibel real estate come up, then give us a call for market news, new listings or whatever Sanibel real estate questions you have.

Sanibel Real Estate Blog: AUGUST STATS

September 26th, 2018

The  numbers from the MLS tell us a very good story about August sales ! Numbers are up in both condos and homes. Median price is up too. Who said August is the “off”season???

10.3% up in single family sales- 1237 sales compared to 1121 in 2017

17.9% up in condo sales 561 compared to 476 last year

Median price in single family for August was $ 251,000 in single family homes compared to $239,000 in 2017.

Median price in condos is up to $188,000 and that’s from $175,000 last year.

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Sanibel Real Estate Blog: “Ding” Days are Here!

September 17th, 2018

Free admission on September 22 to enjoy all that “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel has to offer. Biking, kayaking, paddleboard rentals (25% discount!), Make and Take recycled crafts, and so  much more. For more info on this event, call Monica Scroggin at 239-472-11– ext 237.

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